Andy and Tanya: Chevron Bow Ties

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve written a post and I do have a reason, (more on that later,) but for now I’m playing catch up and the first post I’ve been meaning to write is this one right here about Andy and Tanya’s wedding bow ties. I met Andy through my friend Bryan and without knowing them very long he and Tanya were kind enough to trust me to make the chevron bow ties for their groomsmen.

Pink Chevron Bow Tie by knitcole

Tanya and Andy wanted a light pink chevron and we found the perfect one made by Riley Blake. It was my first order for bow ties and I was excited to make six matching bow ties and even more excited to see them on their groomsmen.

Orange Owl Photos - Pink Chevron Bow TiesOrange Owl Photo

I was thrilled when I saw the photos of the boys in their bow ties. My friends Candice and Geoff at Orange Owl Photo did an incredible job with Tanya and Andy’s wedding photos, you can see them all here. On top of having a great time making their bow ties I think their groomsmen looked classic and handsome. I love the addition of suspenders!

Orange Owl Photo - Tanya and Andy weddingOrange Owl Photo

If you have a minute or two you really should go check out Tanya and Andy’s wedding photos. Their venue was so cute. I love the shabby chic feel.

Orange Owl Photo - Tanya and Andy weddingOrange Owl Photo

I am beyond happy for Tanya and Andy! Their wedding looked incredible and I’m so happy to have had a small part in it. Thank you both for trusting me to outfit your groomsmen with their fun chevron bow ties!


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