Andy and Tanya: Chevron Bow Ties

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve written a post and I do have a reason, (more on that later,) but for now I’m playing catch up and the first post I’ve been meaning to write is this one right here about Andy and Tanya’s wedding bow ties. I met Andy through my friend Bryan and without knowing them very long he and Tanya were kind enough to trust me to make the chevron bow ties for their groomsmen.

Pink Chevron Bow Tie by knitcole

Tanya and Andy wanted a light pink chevron and we found the perfect one made by Riley Blake. It was my first order for bow ties and I was excited to make six matching bow ties and even more excited to see them on their groomsmen.

Orange Owl Photos - Pink Chevron Bow TiesOrange Owl Photo

I was thrilled when I saw the photos of the boys in their bow ties. My friends Candice and Geoff at Orange Owl Photo did an incredible job with Tanya and Andy’s wedding photos, you can see them all here. On top of having a great time making their bow ties I think their groomsmen looked classic and handsome. I love the addition of suspenders!

Orange Owl Photo - Tanya and Andy weddingOrange Owl Photo

If you have a minute or two you really should go check out Tanya and Andy’s wedding photos. Their venue was so cute. I love the shabby chic feel.

Orange Owl Photo - Tanya and Andy weddingOrange Owl Photo

I am beyond happy for Tanya and Andy! Their wedding looked incredible and I’m so happy to have had a small part in it. Thank you both for trusting me to outfit your groomsmen with their fun chevron bow ties!


Bow ties and Abbotts

Lately I’ve made quite a few bow ties and I have my friend Reggie to thank for that. Reg asked me to make his bow tie for his wedding and in preparation I made at least four others to make sure I would be able to make him one that was worthy of his nuptials! Thanks to the many weddings Mr. Coleman and I have had the privilege of attending he had an occasion to wear three of his new bow ties.

Bow Ties on Aaron

Isn’t he handsome?! Did you ever see those old movies where some debonair man is getting ready to go out in his tuxedo and there’s a lovely lady standing by who says something like, “Let me get that for you,” and proceeds to tie his bow tie? I always thought, “Yeah, ok, when does THAT happen?,” because I would have had no idea how to tie a bow tie…well that’s all changed now. Mr. Coleman doesn’t know how to tie a bow tie and now that I’m making them I’ve learned how tie them quite sufficiently and even though you can’t always see much of them under Mr. Coleman’s beard he does look quite dashing in them!

Reggie's Bow Tie

And here is another handsome devil! That would be the groom, Reggie in his custom bow tie and pocket square. His lovely bride Jen and I found the perfect shade of eggplant fabric with gold accents for their wedding day.

Reggie's Pocket Square

Along with his bow tie I made him a simple pocket square. It was fun looking online at all the different ways to wear a pocket square even though I knew Reggie was going to be wearing his in the modern way seen in the upper left hand corner.

Dane and Gavin's Bow Ties

Along with a bow tie for Reggie I was excited to make two bow ties for his boys Dane and Gavin. I think that kid’s bow ties are harder to make than the traditional ones but I managed well enough. I used Sue for a test subject, he was more than happy to oblige, my handsome pup!

Reggie, Dane and Gavin

While my pup may be handsome he doesn’t hold a candle to these three! I was so honored to make a these great accessories for them! It was a fun way to be a part of their special day. I just can’t get over this photo of these three!


I also ventured out of my comfort zone to make them bags for their two corn hole sets. These were easy to sew but a bit harder to fill than I expected! Our friend Bryan did a great job building their sets and Jen and her dad stained and painted them and they looked great! It was definitely a fun idea to have lawn games at their wedding.

The Abbotts and The Colemans

Mr. Coleman and I adore The Abotts’ and we had an amazing time celebrating with them at their wedding. It wasn’t even a year ago that Reg and Jen were just two people we knew from our mutual friends and now they are two of our favorites. They are amazing friends to us, a ton of fun and it’s no secret that we love us some Abbotts’!

Jen and Reggie Wedding

Photo by John Robert Woods

Jen and Reg, thank you for letting us celebrate with both of you and for trusting me with some of the small details with your wedding. Mr. Coleman and I are thrilled to see the two of you married and we are excited to watch you live out your happily ever after! We love you sexy beasts to pieces!


From a Drugan to an Abbott

Almost a month ago my beautiful friend Jen married our awesome friend Reggie! I was so excited to celebrate with them but before we get to all of that I wanted to highlight some of the fun things I was able to make for her bridal shower.

It used to be that I always gave some risqué piece of lingerie to brides to be but lately I’ve learned that aprons are a really great gift for a new bride. Knowing that Jen really likes green, aqua and yellow I chose this amazing Michael Miller print for the bottom and went from there. I love the sweet appliqué with buttons and the color combinations of these three fabrics.

Jen's Apron

I also wanted to give Jen a couple of fun dish towels in similar colors. So I embroidered two flour sack dish cloths, (my favorites,) with a monogram for her and Reggie. So funny that they were another couple with two “J” first names just like Joy and John. I know I said our friend Reggie above and he’s actually a John that goes by Reggie. I actually love that the J’s in this monogram area  little bit different instead of exactly the same but tilted to the left and right.

Jen's Dishtowels

I wanted to make a simple hankie for Jen because I think they are sweet and it was fun to wrap up her gift with a little something that feels very classic wedding. I chose purple, since it was her wedding color and with a sweet scalloped edge it turned out perfectly.

Jen's Handkerchief

My lovely Jen does not cook! So I know it seems a bit silly to make her an apron but to help her out I also bought her a copy of my favorite cookbook, The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food from my Frontier, and the hilarious 50 Shades of Chicken because I couldn’t pass it up. I mean if you haven’t seen it, google it. The photos in it are hilarious! I’m not sure about the recipes but it gave everyone a good laugh, especially Jen. I’m so blessed by my wonderful friend and I had a lovely time showering her with gifts at her shower.


The Lovely Mrs. Ellis

Last month I had the privilege of attending my friend Joy’s bridal shower. Her mom asked me to make an apron especially for Joy and knowing that Joy loves anchors and that I had just gotten this fun Michael Miller Ahoy Matey Rigging fabric we decided on a nautical themed apron for her. Joy is quite tall so I made her apron longer than normal and knowing she likes an empire waist I kept the top pretty short.

Joy's Nautical Apron

Doesn’t it just fit her perfectly?! I was pretty in love with how cute and nautical this one turned out. Since her sweet apron was made by me but from her mom I decided to make her a couple of sweet little gifts with her new last name in mind. I custom made this little cross stitch with an anchor and her wedding date and this lovely pillow monogrammed for John and Joy Ellis.I just love how they turned out!

Cross Stitch and Pillow

Just to brag on our artistic abilities when it comes to making wedding dresses out of toilet paper, our team won! That beautiful babe in the photo with the lovely bride is our friend Angi, our TP muse!

Joy and John were married on the 18th and it was a beautiful wedding. She was such a gorgeous bride and he was a handsome, sweet groom just as he always is! Congratulations Ellis’! Welcome to the club!

**A little tip when monogramming; according to what I’ve read things like linens and towels should be monogrammed with the lady’s initial first while things like bar ware should be monogrammed with the man’s initial first. So my towels are monogrammed NCA and if we had awesome engraved whiskey tumblers they would be engraved ACN. Fun little fact I thought I’d share.


Ahoy Mateys!

When I was asked by my dear friend Jessica to make some the nautical themed nursery items for her very soon to be born baby boy I was thrilled. I love making custom items and sweet little custom baby things with whales and anchors, I mean how could I say no?

Nautical Baby Shower

She chose some wonderfully cute fabrics and decided on a crib skirt, window valance and quilt for his room. We used the stripes and the anchors for the crib skirt and valance and all of the other fabrics for the quilt. The pillow, baby block, whale and taggie were my gifts to her (along with a very cute short and shirt set from Target that had little whales all over it!)

Shower Time with Logo (5)Shower Time with Logo (3)

I had so much fun making this sweet little quilt. Jessica really wanted little boats so that’s why I decided to put one on the quilt and the pillow. The little whale and anchor just added a little more fun to this sweet little quilt.

Nautical Baby Shower

Jessica loved everything and I was so thrilled that she did! It was so much fun to be able to make something so meaningful for such a wonderful friend.

Nautical Baby Shower

Doesn’t she look adorable in her striped dress and yellow sweater! She matched her theme perfectly! As one of my oldest friends and my very first roomie I can’t wait to meet J’s sweet little man as soon as he’s born!


Showering Eisley

About a month ago I had the pleasure of helping celebrate our friends April and Jason as they prepared to welcome their sweet baby girl, Eisley. April posted a ton of stuff to Pinterest and most of my ideas came from there. Our lovely friends Lindsey and Katie came over to help me create some tissue paper pom poms and other fun paper decorations.

Tissue Paper Pom Poms

April wanted lots of bright colors so I got a ton of colorful tissue paper packs from Target and with some wine and white chocolate M&Ms we got down to business. The pom poms were pretty easy to make and after those we moved on to scrapbook paper rosettes.

Scrapbook Paper with Logo

Again, also pretty easy to make. Some of them were stapled and some were glued together. Both of which worked just fine. Then the girls cut out some bunting for me before they both had to say goodbye. I have to say without these two it would have taken me HOURS over DAYS to do these on my own. I can’t thank them enough for their help.

I finished up the bunting on my own and then set to work on some games. We had calendars to guess Eisley’s due date, some string to guess how big April’s baby bump was, a word scramble, guess how many M&Ms (the reason I had white chocolate ones in the first place,) and Pin the Sperm on the Uterus.

Baby Shower Time

Let me say one thing about the Pin the Sperm on the Uterus game, I hope I never have to make it again! Cutting out a uterus and hot gluing sperm together was just kind of gross. haha. I think the game was a huge hit but it was definitely a one time kind of thing for me.

1-Shower Time 2 with Logo

Everyone had a great time and I was honored to be able to shower some love on the Pauls and their soon to be born, baby girl Eisley! There is a great post on co-ed showers here that I got a lot of great information from, and she has a template for the uterus if you should desire to make one for yourself.

Since then Eisley has finally arrived! I was away for work when she was born and we rushed to the hospital to see her on our way home from the airport. She’s a beautiful little girl and we are so excited for the new mommy and daddy! Auntie Nicole loves you Eisley!

Baby Eisley


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