Bow ties and Abbotts

Lately I’ve made quite a few bow ties and I have my friend Reggie to thank for that. Reg asked me to make his bow tie for his wedding and in preparation I made at least four others to make sure I would be able to make him one that was worthy of his nuptials! Thanks to the many weddings Mr. Coleman and I have had the privilege of attending he had an occasion to wear three of his new bow ties.

Bow Ties on Aaron

Isn’t he handsome?! Did you ever see those old movies where some debonair man is getting ready to go out in his tuxedo and there’s a lovely lady standing by who says something like, “Let me get that for you,” and proceeds to tie his bow tie? I always thought, “Yeah, ok, when does THAT happen?,” because I would have had no idea how to tie a bow tie…well that’s all changed now. Mr. Coleman doesn’t know how to tie a bow tie and now that I’m making them I’ve learned how tie them quite sufficiently and even though you can’t always see much of them under Mr. Coleman’s beard he does look quite dashing in them!

Reggie's Bow Tie

And here is another handsome devil! That would be the groom, Reggie in his custom bow tie and pocket square. His lovely bride Jen and I found the perfect shade of eggplant fabric with gold accents for their wedding day.

Reggie's Pocket Square

Along with his bow tie I made him a simple pocket square. It was fun looking online at all the different ways to wear a pocket square even though I knew Reggie was going to be wearing his in the modern way seen in the upper left hand corner.

Dane and Gavin's Bow Ties

Along with a bow tie for Reggie I was excited to make two bow ties for his boys Dane and Gavin. I think that kid’s bow ties are harder to make than the traditional ones but I managed well enough. I used Sue for a test subject, he was more than happy to oblige, my handsome pup!

Reggie, Dane and Gavin

While my pup may be handsome he doesn’t hold a candle to these three! I was so honored to make a these great accessories for them! It was a fun way to be a part of their special day. I just can’t get over this photo of these three!


I also ventured out of my comfort zone to make them bags for their two corn hole sets. These were easy to sew but a bit harder to fill than I expected! Our friend Bryan did a great job building their sets and Jen and her dad stained and painted them and they looked great! It was definitely a fun idea to have lawn games at their wedding.

The Abbotts and The Colemans

Mr. Coleman and I adore The Abotts’ and we had an amazing time celebrating with them at their wedding. It wasn’t even a year ago that Reg and Jen were just two people we knew from our mutual friends and now they are two of our favorites. They are amazing friends to us, a ton of fun and it’s no secret that we love us some Abbotts’!

Jen and Reggie Wedding

Photo by John Robert Woods

Jen and Reg, thank you for letting us celebrate with both of you and for trusting me with some of the small details with your wedding. Mr. Coleman and I are thrilled to see the two of you married and we are excited to watch you live out your happily ever after! We love you sexy beasts to pieces!


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  1. The beauty (and Devil) are in the details. You knocked it out of the park!!! I have received numerous compliments on the bow ties and pocket square. You are amazing. Period.


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